Monday, January 9, 2012


ok, here i go again...

as i mentioned in my intro i am a working and school going mama...i am also in the midst of an emotional and mental and physical breakdown with the looiming birthday of my daughter, she will be 13.  13..holy mother of god and glitter!?!?!?!  where has time gone, this all happened when i was taking a nap, i swear last time i saw her she was playing and laughing having a blast in pigtails with fake pearls and 2 missing front teeth..ugh she is almost a woman.  by the time she reaches the ripe old age of college i will also be preparing myself for my son to attend kindergarden.  WTF, am i crazy? yes, yes i am and i fully intend to embrace this, but not just yet.

i am also drowning in my school work, i will be graduating in May, thank the lord and sweet baby Jesus on that note too.  i have a paper due, like always i put it off until the last minute.  i firmly believe that i work harder and faster and smarter and harder and faster and... well, no i struggle and bust my ass to get it done...this boys and girls is the story of my life.

another thing- my dog.  there are 2 kinds of people in the world and they are; those who love dogs and everyone else sucks.  i love my big smelly dog, her name is faith but she is partial to mama, biggs and kitty and sometimes lady in the yellow fur coat.  she is a white american bulldog and she is HUGE, and smells like corn chips and stale doritios.  even after a!!!????

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